A glimpse into the more-than-human world that horses give us access to

As the noise of our human activities grows louder and louder, all the other voices in our more-than-human cosmos fall silent. The songs of the birds, the forests, the rivers, the Ocean and the wind become overpowered.

But they, too, have important things to say.

By mindfully spending time with horses, we get the chance to reengage in this wider dialogue of intelligences beyond our comprehension. They can bring back these melodies of stillness, or rather, reawaken our awareness of them, and help us remember that we are embedded in this ecosystem, rather than above it.

This series aims to instill a sense of place magic, as well as a heightened perception of our ever shifting, ever transforming world.


  • ND Awards 2021:
    Honorable Mention in “Nature/Other Professional”

“Other animals, in a constant and mostly unmediated relation with their sensory surroundings, think with the whole of their bodies.”

— David Abram

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